Winter Dumpathon Pilot Program Runs February 17 – 24, 2022

Funding and support for this project is provided by a grant to the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County from the San Diego River Conservancy.

For the first time ever, KFS will be holding a winter Dumpathon! This small, pilot program will test if it’s effective to hold two Dumpathons a year, one in the winter, and the main, larger one in the fall.

We encourage our neighbors to take advantage of the free dumpsters KFS will place around Kensington and fill them up with your canyon and yard trimmings. So, are you ready to start clearing? Read the city’s brush clearing guidelines here.

Dumpsters arrive on Feb. 17, 2022 and remain in place until Feb. 24. Here’s the map of the dumpster locations:

Dumpster Locations for Dumpathon February 2022

RECAP OF THE 2021 OCTOBER DUMPATHON: During the first two weeks in October, Kensington Fire Safe placed 13 dumpsters around the neighborhood, 6 in Week 1, 7 in Week 2. Neighbors took advantage of these free dumpsters to dispose of their flammable, overgrown brush.

We estimate that Kensington residents cleared close to 39 tons of fire-prone brush from their canyons and yards and placed them in the dumpsters provided by Kensington Fire Safe.

Thank you so much to our 13 dumpster-minders, neighbors who let us place a dumpster in the street outside their house. They spread the word about the Dumpathon and got many of their neighbors involved. They also monitored the dumpster throughout the weeks and notified us of any problems. Our dumpster-minders were incredibly helpful and supportive.

We are also incredibly grateful to SDG&E, The San Diego Region Fire Foundation, and our neighborhood Dollar$ 4 Dumpsters donors for their generosity funding this successful fire-fuel reduction program.

We are also grateful for the amazing support we received from Ware Disposal, our dumpster rental company. They have been an invaluable partner through many Dumpathons and we look forward to working with them in the future.

For photos and more info about the Dumpathon held in October, 2021 please click here.

So, are you ready to start clearing and fill up the dumpsters? Click here to read the City of San Diego’s guidelines on proper brush clearing.

DUMPATHON? WHAT’S THAT? The Dumpathon is our annual fall canyon cleanup. Kensington Fire Safe (KFS) rents dumpsters and places them around the hood for residents to dump their fire-prone canyon and yard brush trimmings for free. Dumpsters are left out for one week at various locations around Kensington and neighbors are encouraged to clear out their canyons and yards to create defensible space around their homes.

With grant money from SDG&E we are able to rent a few dumpsters, but with our community fundraising efforts we are able to provide even more dumpsters and possibly hold a Spring Dumpathon in 2022. It is vital to clear canyons not only to reduce fire danger but also to deter homeless encampments. Experience shows that when the brush is cleared the homeless move out.

Kensington residents who live on or near a canyon volunteer as Dumpster-minders. A dumpster is placed in front of their home for neighbors to fill. They post signs, and check on the dumpster now and then to remove any non-green waste that may have been mistakenly added.  We sometimes need new dumpster-minders so let us know if you might be willing to do this great service for your neighborhood. If you’d like to volunteer please contact us at info@kensingtonfiresafe.org.