Agree that our fire safe efforts are important? If yes, please consider these ways to show your support, especially to our funders, by becoming a:

Member: Sign up as a KFS member and receive notifications of Fire Safe events and volunteer opportunites.

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Block Captain: Once or twice a year, take a walk to distribute informational flyers to neighbors on your block or blocks. Email judy@kensingtonfiresafe.org

Dumpster-minder: One week in October, allow a dumpster to be placed at the curb in front of your home, and just keep an eye on it. Email amy@kensingtonfiresafe.org

Canyon-clearer: Volunteer to clear a neighbor’s canyon once or twice a year. Email judy@kensingtonfiresafe.org

Idea contributor: Click here to complete our survey to show your support – takes about five minutes.

Board Member: particularly need someone from Talmadge loop and western canyon area of Kensington (along Sussex, Canterbury or Hempstead). Email judy@kensingtonfiresafe.org

Lead Block Captain:  Help recruit, communicate & coordinate literature distribution.

Events: Help organize Oct. Fire Prevention Month activities or other activities; maybe investigate possible participation in area community events. 

Writer: Research and write occasional fire prevention postings for Nextdoor, Facebook and our website, eg. safe heaters month, Christmas safety; fireworks safety, home hardening, home evacuation planning, etc.

Fundraiser- individuals: Now that we’re a 501(c)3 we want to start raising funds, primarily for more dumpsters, and could use help with ideas or planning those efforts.

Fundraiser – Grants: research possible grants that might be available to us. Other than our annual SDG&E grant, we’re new to this so pretty much starting from scratch.

Invasive Plant Researcher: talk with local landscapers and/or local nurseries regarding their policies on planting/selling invasive, highly flammable trees or shrubs, help develop next steps.  We have some good info on the subject.

Home Landscaping Recognition:  There’s also plenty online about the most fire-resistant landscaping – help develop some kind of fun way to recognize those who have it in our community.

Real Estate Agents Liaison: talk to local realtors about what they tell new homebuyers regarding fire safety. Develop next steps to encourage them to educate their successful buyers.

Firefighters liaison: Develop ways to connect with our local firefighters, eg. organize a Fire Station 18 tour, a holiday gift from Kensington residents or other efforts.  May 4th is actually International Firefighters Day.

Volunteer Coordinator: Keep track of who is doing what; develop other ways volunteers can help, eg. assisting neighbors, and especially seniors, clean up yards.  

(And a big thank you to Brian Miller for those silly pictures.)