Prepare Now Because You Never Know When

We’re happy to announce the results of our incredibly successful Dumpathon, held the first two weeks in October. We estimate that Kensington residents clear nearly 39 tons of flammable brush from their canyons and yards and placed them in the dumpsters provided by Kensington Fire Safe. Check out out October 2021 blog post here.

Fairmount Canyon Fire, October 2019, P.C. Ken Burkhart

We all remember the terrifying brush fire that raged in Fairmont Canyon on October 15, 2019. It presumably started in a homeless encampment somewhere off Aldine. If the winds had been blowing west, not east, our Kensington canyons and potentially our homes would have been in peril. That’s why Kensington community members take fire safety seriously. It could happen any time.

Kensington Fire Safe is a community organization under the umbrella Fire Safe Council San Diego County. We are an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to educate Kensington neighbors about fire safety and encourage each other to make our homes fire safe through brush clearing and fire-resistant landscaping.

Kensington Fire Safe is a proud recipient of a 2021 Fire Safe Council Grant. This grant is funded thanks to generous support from SDG&E and the San Diego Regional Disaster Board Fund. The money from this grant helped fund our October 2021 Dumpathon, our fire-fuel reduction program. Thank you SDG&E and San Diego Regional Fire Foundation!

  • Master Gardener Cindy Bruecks on Fire Safe Landscaping
    On Wednesday, November 17, Master Gardener Cindy Bruecks gave a Zoom presentation on Fire Safe Landscaping. We’ve provided a link to the video of the presentation in this blog.
  • Landscaping Your Home in a Fire Area
    Could you and your house survive a fire? Would firemen have a chance to save it? Read this article from Las Pilitas Nursery about fire safe landscaping.
  • Landscaping For Fire Safety
    San Diego Master Gardener, writer and lecturer, Cindy Bruecks, will cover how to prep your land and plants, and your home’s exterior, and will even provide paperwork to give you the best chance of fending off flying embers.
  • October Dumpathon
    Check out photos and learn more about our October 2021 Dumpathon – Kensington Fire Safe’s fire-fuel reduction program.
  • The Dumpsters Of Kensington – Week 1
    The Dumpathon is in full effect, running Oct 1 – 14, 2021.
  • Danny Glessner’s Home Hardening Seminar
    Home hardening expert Danny Glessner gave an educational seminar to help us fire-proof our homes. Check out the video of the presentation in this blog.
  • Reminder to Keep Your Fan Palms Trimmed
    Fan palms are beautiful, but the drying fronds that drape down the trunk can easily ignite in a wildfire and spread embers throughout the neighborhood.
  • Home Hardening Presentation
    Want to Up Your Home’s Fire Survival Odds? Join speaker Danny Glessner, a former firefighter and fire captain who combines scientific research with extensive frontline experience. 7 – 8 PM, September 16th Kensington Community Church, 4774 Marlborough Dr.
  • Dollar$ 4 Dumpsters Day
    Thank you to our incredible volunteers! 26 of us met up and delivered our Dollar$ 4 Dumpsters fundraising flyers to 1464 homes in Kensington. And then we celebrated with a pool party. The flyers are working! We’ve almost raised enough to provide our community with three additional dumpsters.