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October Dumpathon

Check out photos and learn more about our October 2021 Dumpathon – Kensington Fire Safe’s fire-fuel reduction program.

On Thursday, September 30, 2021 six dumpsters were placed at various locations around Kensington. Here they are in all their glory:

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021 four of these dumpsters, even the two jumbo-sized dumpsters, were almost completely full:

Four of the six were 80% or more full, and two were 60% full.

On Thursday, October 7, emptied dumpsters were placed at seven new locations around Kensington. Here are the Week 2 dumpsters:

On October 9, three days after Week 2 dumpsters were delivered Bill and Judy Harrignton’s dumpster filled up!

On October 12, with only one full day remaining in our Dumpathon, almost all our dumpsters are 90% or more full!

We’re so grateful that the community got on board and took full advantage of this opportunity to clear fire-fuel from their canyons and yards.

By our estimate, we removed up to 39 tons of green waste during the Dumpathon.

Thank you so much to our 13 dumpster-minders, neighbors who let us place a dumpster in the street outside their house. They spread the word about the Dumpathon and got many of their neighbors involved. They also monitored the dumpster throughout the weeks and notified us of any problems. Our dumpster-minders were incredibly helpful and supportive. Here’s a map of where our dumpsters were located:

Dumpster Locations for Week 1 and 2

A HUGE Thank You to SDG&E, The San Diego Regional Fire Foundation, and generous Kensington Fire Safe Dollar$ 4 Dumpsters donors for funding our fall canyon cleanup. We couldn’t do it without you!

Also, a BIG Thank You to Ware Disposal, our dumpster rental company, who provided incredible support for our project!

Saying good bye to our dumpster on Ridegway. See you next time!

For more information on the Dumpathon please click here to go to our DUMPATHON page.