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Home Owner Insurance Presentation

It was standing room only at KFS’s February 11, 2023 home owner insurance presentation by Scott Caraveo.  The crowd had great questions about the challenges of finding coverage in California!

Here’s an iPhone video of Scott’s talk in two parts.

View part 1.

View part 2.

If you have additional questions – please send them to us at (along with suggestions for future presentations or other fire-related questions you may have for us).

Community Presentations Fire Safe News Fire-Wise Landscaping

CANYONLANDS: Brush Management Guide and Video Presentation

San Diego Canyonlands: Brush Management Training for Canyon Communities

Click here to download San Diego Canyonland’s “Brush Management + Native Landscaping Resources.”

Community Presentations Fire Safe News Fire-Wise Landscaping

Master Gardener Cindy Bruecks on Fire Safe Landscaping

Click here to see the video of the Zoom Session.

Click here to download the handout Cindy references in her talk.

FireWise gardening tips from Cindy Brucks

Kensington Fire Safe Zoom presentation, 11/17/2021

FireWise Gardening Zoom was sponsored by Kensington Fire Safe, KenTal Community Association, KenTal Gardening Club, and Trees KenTal.

Community Presentations Fire Safe News

Danny Glessner’s Home Hardening Seminar

Click here to see the presentation on YouTube.

On Thursday, September 16, 2021 we were fortunate to have Danny Glessner, home hardening expert, give an hour-long presentation on the steps we can take to make our homes safer in a wildfire.

Roughly 30 people attended the presentation in person and an additional 30 attended via Zoom. Glessner was happy to see how concerned Kensington residents are about fire safety and remarked that, since our homes are so close together, we need to act as a community to keep everyone’s home safe.

Glessner covered various topics including wildfire history in California, how to create defensible space in our yards and canyons, and how to seal our homes to keep flying embers out. Simple steps such as removing debris from roofs and rain gutters, and screening off eaves and vents can make a big difference in how well your home can survive a fire.

Glessner’s business, Wildfire Home Hardening Specialists, can send an expert to your home and give you practical and cost-effective solutions to make your home safer in a wildfire. You can schedule a consultation by emailing Glessner at Visit his webpage at:

We are so grateful that Glessner shared his time and expertise with our community.