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Kensington Helps Fire Up Firefighters’ Holiday!

The Kensington Fire Safe community gave the Fire Station 18 firefighters a generous gift card to Iowa Meat Farms so they can enjoy a high quality cookout at the station on their fancy, pro-grade grill.

Generous Kensington residents did it again! Our mailing list donors helped fund a great season’s greeting to our treasured Felton Street firefighters: a $750 gift certificate for Iowa Meat Farms’ delicious meats and groceries.  

We thought this was a good follow-up to the donated, professional-grade grill we were able to secure from Lowe’s last April for Station 18. You can read more about this collaboration here.

We delivered our gift last week to the firefighters and they were so appreciative – exclaiming,  “We love Kensington!”  They’re looking forward to enjoying a steak, chicken or fish during a memorable cookout.

Thank you once again, Kensington, for being part of this meaningful initiative. Your generosity is sure to brighten up the season for our local heroes.

Wishing you happy holidays,

Kensington Fire Safe Board of Directors