Fire Safe News

1/8″ Screens Placed in Vents and Eaves Can Protect Your Home from Flying Embers

Learn how to use mesh in the openings under tile roofs to block burning embers from getting in.

This short video shows how screens can be placed in the spaces under tile roofs to keep out burning embers and protect your home from wildfire.

Please note, 1/8″ screening is recommended, but if you can’t find it, here’s how to protect your home using 1/4″:

In the video the handyman uses TWO 1/4″ screens placed on top of each other at an angle. 1/4″ is a bit too large to block out the embers, but if you use two layers of quarter inch offset from one another you can form a tighter barrier and you’ll be ok.

If you use 1/8″ screen material you should only need one layer.