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Dollar$ 4 Dumpsters Day

Thank you to our incredible volunteers! 26 of us met up and delivered our Dollar$ 4 Dumpsters fundraising flyers to 1464 homes in Kensington. And then we celebrated with a pool party. The flyers are working! We’ve almost raised enough to provide our community with three additional dumpsters.

Saturday, July 17, 9am. It was a perfect morning. 26 of us met at Judy’s house to pick up our maps, flyers, and nametags. We were divided into teams of two’s and three’s and each team was assigned an area of roughly 150 parcels to deliver our Dollar$ 4 Dumpsters fundraising flyers to. All 26 of us arrived on time and ready to get to work. We planned our routes and headed out to our areas to canvas. The work was done in about an hour and a half and then those of us who were able met back at Judy’s for lunch and a pool party.

Here’s a shot of our lunch spread which consisted of sub sandwiches, potato chips, homemade chocolate chip cookies, fruit, and drinks.

Why are we raising dollars for dumpsters? We place dumpsters around the neighborhood to encourage folks to clear their yards and canyons of fire fuels. They use the dumpsters free-of-charge. We call this The Dumpathon which is an annual event. This year The Dumpathon will take place October 2 -15, and we’re thinking of holding another Dumpathon in the spring.

We received a grant from SDG&E that will fund 10 dumpsters and have asked the community to donate so we can provide even more dumpsters and promote even more canyon clearing. So far neighbors have stepped up to provide funding for almost three additional dumpsters and it’s only day 3 of our campaign!

Dollar$ 4 Dumpsters Day was a great day with terrific people who all care about protecting our very special neighborhood from wildfire.