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Councilman Concerned About Homeless Encampment Fires

Saturday, May 8th, Councilman Sean Elo-Rivera and his staff member Brett Weise met with about 30 residents at the Burnham Canyon entrance to discuss concerns about the recent homeless encampment fire.

Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera and his Policy and Communications Manager Brett Weise, met with residents on Saturday, May 8, 2021 to discuss the problem with the recurring homeless encampment fires. Brett Weise then wrote the following email to all attendees:

“Thank you all for meeting with Councilmember Elo-Rivera and I today in Kensington to discuss concerns regarding recent fires in the nearby canyons. Our office will be working in the following weeks to help address the underlying issues that led to these recent fires, including a build-up of dry vegetation and presence of encampments. I will be following up periodically with you all once I receive updates on these efforts.

We will also be advocating for additional resources for city staff to more proactively address fire-related issues during the budget process, which will be ongoing until the Fiscal Year 2022 budget is passed next month. You are able to provide your thoughts and recommendations for the City’s budget through our office’s survey linked here. The Fire-Rescue Department has provided a packet of information for homeowners as well, titled,“Ready, Set, Go”, which outlines steps that property owners can take to help protect their property in the event of a wildland fire. Given the layout of the community, some recommendations such as the ones for defensible space, may not be applicable, but this information may be helpful in protecting your home. This guide can be found by clicking this link here. Additionally, an informational video on brush management can be found here.